“Just the Way I Roll”

January 24, 2009

Recently, when I asked my son (politely) whether he planned on taking his clean clothes out of the hamper and putting them away or leaving them there as his new dresser, he answered, “that’s just the way I roll these days.”

I have found myself silently inserting this answer in response to many situations since then. I wouldn’t say it is a phrase that comes close to characterizing my modus operandi, so I have to say it feels quite deviant and satisfying to adopt as a pseudo cynical yet self-affirming mantra. You can see (am I stretching it here?) how it might lend itself to the philosophy espoused in Gallup Inc., build on your strengths. For anyone who is high in the Executing domain, this should come as a welcome release. Perhaps Gallup should change their title, to “Which Way do You Roll?” in order to attact some of my son’s hipster friends (OK, he says they aren’t hipsters, but what do I know?).


2 Responses to ““Just the Way I Roll””

  1. Ben Says:

    What do you know? It’s like I say: you’re hip until you break one…

    It’s all about the state of mind, right? Keep on rollin’

  2. Brian Says:

    Q: Where’s that project plan you promised me? You can’t just improvise deliverables indefinitely.

    A: Hey, that’s just the way I roll.

    We can learn so much from the younger generations.

    I have detected an upswing of anti-hipster sentiment in the alt-weeklies, campus newspapers and indie rock blogs lately. This particular flavour of self-loathing takes me back to the glorious underemployed heydays of Generation X… makes me feel nostalgic and pathetic all at once.

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