OpenCast Project Full Steam Ahead

May 22, 2008

The OpenCast Project team has been busy planning our upcoming workshop, June 5 &6, in Berkeley and our open house event on June 13, right after the WWDC.

There will be ten universities attending the workshop to dig into the requirements and best practices for open casting of university content. As you know from my previous posts this is not new to Berkeley, but what is new is our upcoming release of our newly architected application (I say with my knuckles turning white as I grasp the arms of my chair) this Fall along with the engagement of a much larger community of folks from around higher ed to work with us on developing the roadmap for soup-to-nuts open system. Open Source to Open Content.

The OpenCast Project has a new Blog (very new) which over the next few weeks will be gaining a new look and feel (thanks to our great friends over at Graphic Mint) and much more content. Much of the content from the early wiki will be moved over and new information added as we start to release the (oh so secret) plans for our workshops. The community best practices will start going up after our June workshop. If you are interested in contributing to this effort in any way (best practices, ideas, requirements, etc…) please don’t hesitate to contact me or someone else on the team.


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