Sakai U-Camp

June 11, 2007

Today was the second annual Sakai U-Camp, a pre-conference day of UI education and design-in. This time the group was also able to merge with the Programmer’s Cafe for an hour at the end of the day. Having spent the morning in the Sakai board meeting, I came for the latter part of the afternoon, but I got to participate in the hands-on design exercise and listen to the combined session.

For the hands-on exercise, our group worked on thinking about improving the Sakai Resources tool. We looked at who the users are and tried to define their goals when using the tool. This was hard (but fun), there is so much that people want to do with content that starts to blend into an array of different tools and domains — and back! Is it really one tool or many? It is difficult not getting stuck in the current paradigm, or getting too big once you leave it. There were a number of sheets of goals, primary activities, users, etc… We attempted to identify long term and short term next steps, but it was pretty decent work for a half hour and if nothing else led to some good exploration of the issues with a cross representational group. I enjoyed the following presentations for the ucamp/programmer’s cafe get together. A few key points:

  • Resources across the roles are scarce. Everyone is working hard (so give each other a break)
  • Designers and developers need to design in accessibility from the start to make it efficient and effective
  • The brits are funny, and Aaron is learning to be funny

One Response to “Sakai U-Camp”

  1. Wytze Koopal Says:

    Great to see you blogging, Mara! Go go go!

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