Why run while visiting a new city?

June 10, 2007


  • It makes you learn the lay of the land and gets you out of your hotel
  • It gets you out early, before the tourist onslaught
  • It takes you to places you might not normally go
  • It makes you feel like you live there

This morning I went running in Amsterdam’s Vondel Park. The birds were singing in the full green trees. I saw a rabbit eating breakfast on the grass, other runners passing by (“GoedeMorgen!”), several Europe-traveling backpackers sleeping on a bench in their sleeping bags, young couples straggling their way home after a night of carousing, and street cleaners cleaning up after them … I now know the feel of the bridges under my soles, the smell of the canals in the early morning, and the sound of the bakeries opening. My memory of Amsterdam will be rounded out with sensations not at all related to the implementation or development of Sakai, yet forever associated.


One Response to “Why run while visiting a new city?”

  1. Karen Munro Says:

    Absolutely…I love running in new cities. You can add in:

    * gives you great memories of particular moments, particular street corners, particular fountains…
    * helps you grok the neighborhoods, if you’re like me and don’t get maps

    I’m glad you’re enjoying Amsterdam! And glad you’re blogging it, and that you got linked from the Sakai Newsletter (which is how I found you here…)

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