Sakai Amsterdam Conference — Planning and Coordination

June 10, 2007

I am here at the Sakai Conference in Amsterdam. Well, really the conference hasn’t officially started yet, but there have been planning and coordination meetings for the past two days. The planning meeting was well attended by a diverse group of institutions and roles. One of the hot agenda items was about technical governance. At least it started there and went on to reveal many different perspectives and issues about overall product governance needs. Needless to say that after a couple of hours (was it that long?) of wandering about and exposing different parts of the elephant, we delegated the conversation to a bunch of volunteers to discuss today (Sunday).

The second part of that discussion today was much more manageable (one topic to discuss, fewer people), but we continued to grapple (and circle) with what the real problem was, and how far down the solution road we (as a group of 15 or so) should really go. At the end there are a few people who will be creating proposals to bring back to the community.

This was a lot of work. It was a lot of money for those involved. Will it make for a better release? Will it result in tangible results with concrete impact. I am skeptical — At least for today, tomorrow, who knows? At the very least I think the time and discussion has served to build some bridges and what I think is a shared set of high level principles (even though they haven’t really been articulated or documented).

I came up with a rough sketch of something that is probably too structured to begin with and reveals my biases toward some accountable organizational bodies, but at least it may give people something to poke at.

Rough Sketch of Expert Teams and Application Project teams


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