Fleck Extension for Firefox

May 8, 2007

This is a really interesting add on for Firefox (it comes for Explorer as well, but I don’t use Explorer. You know why). It provides the ability to post a note on a web page and then share it with your Blog or email it to friends. Even if you don’t have the extension it will allow you to see my notes and pop up a tool bar so you can add some also. Try it using the link below.

Fleck.com – Fleck the Web!

The tool is in Beta still, and a little flaky. It also won’t seem to work with Sakai. It sends you into a god awful loop of logging you out, allowing you to use it on the front page (except not on our instance of Sakai, bSpace, which I think is because of the secure site). I tried linking to a “flecked page” from within the Sakai web content tool. It worked. It showed the notes and the toolbar, but they weren’t aligned.

I would love to be able to have faculty and students use this tool for analysis of websites, images, or even for peer review on a paper. If it could “cross over” into the CLE/LMS world without giving up its neutral zone status, that would be rad.


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