Fluid Project Funded!

April 2, 2007

The FLUID project was funded by the Mellon Foundation! It will officially kick off next week, with our first all-project F2F meeting in Toronto the week of April 16th.

This project (Flexible User Interface Design) is focussed on improving the User Experience (UX) and accessibility in Community Source Software. It will do this by attempting to address both the technical and the social constraints that tend to make UX and accessibility (as well as QA and Security) precarious values in software development of these systems. It will focus firstly on uPortal, Sakai, and the new Kuali Student Systems projects. The University of Toronto ATRC is the PI on the project, joined by UC Berkeley (ETS), Cambridge University (CARET), University of British Columbia, and York University as core partners. There are number of other institutions engaged as secondary partners as well as a several commercial affiliates such as IBM, Yahoo, and SUN.

This work will be available open source via the ECL license and will produce a design patterns and persona library under the Creative Commons license.

This project is very exciting and complex. I will likely be posting more on this as it ramps up over the next several months.


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