LibraryThang — I think I luv you!

January 6, 2007

Sing it to the tune of Wild Thing!

I may be behind the times (as evidenced by my taste in music!) in discovering this sweet new tool, but the LibraryThing web app is new to me and, WOW, I like it. LibraryThing is a site that helps you catalog your books (your library) either by capturing the metadata through a simple search on Amazon or the Library of Congress or through an actual bar code scanner (you can purchase it on the site) which you can use on your physical library. You can then rate these books, comment on them, talk about them with all the other folks who have added them to their library, or simply share your list with friends. You can see the start of my library (done in all of about 2 minutes) here.

SO, why do I like it so much? Probably for the same reason I like Flickr. I like to share the things I like and I am lazy. I guess I don’t really care if “all those people out there” that I don’t know find or like my reading materials, but I certainly like being able to point friends and colleagues to my pictures or favorite books without having to attach them to an email. Now, if only my friends and family had a list like this (ohhhh, yeeessss) I would never have to face going to bed bookless again. I can’t wait to get home tonight and start adding to my library for your browsing pleasure.


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