My first post

October 15, 2006

This feels harder than my first kiss. I knew I wanted that, I am not sure I really want all that comes with a blog. OK. I’ll leave that analogy behind now (no details!), and move forward to my life at 42. Which, at this point feels either too young or too old depending on where I am sitting, who I am talking to, or how many meetings I have had that day.

One of the reasons it has taken me so long to get here (the blogosphere) is that I can’t decide how to weave my life and work interests together in a way that will be meaningful to my diverse community and I am adamant that I will not have more than one blog. I can’t say that I have solved this dilemma except by acceptance that I need to move forward, quit whining, and try. I suppose you all will tell me if I head off too strongly in one direction or another. Or simply stop listening.

So be prepared. One day the subject may be podcasting, the next backpacking. One day raising a fifteen year old, the next implementing Sakai at UC Berkeley. No promises, no agenda.


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